Queensland School Fencer State Championships

Queensland Fencing Association will be hosting the Queensland School Fencer State Championships on Saturday, 15th June at Yeronga SHS.These championship events are open to any secondary school fencer in Queensland and will be fenced in two categories consistent with the Australian School Fencer categories. These are:

Intermediate = Yrs 7 - 9

Senior = Open to any secondary school fencer (including intermediate fencers)

Fencers may enter in multiple weapons for this event. Intermediate fencers may enter both the Intermediate and Senior categories.

Entry Fees


Standard Registration (up to 10 June)                                 $30.00

Late Registration (10 June - 14 June)                                   $50.00

**Note: Where there are insufficient entries to run separate gender events, these will be combined in to one event.

Event Schedule

08:00am         Senior Girls Foil

08:00am         Senior Boys Foil

09:30am         Intermediate Girls Foil

09:30am         Intermediate Boys Foil

11:00am         Senior Girls Epee

11:00am         Senior Boys Epee

12:30pm         Intermediate Girls Epee

12:30pm         Intermediate Boys Epee

1:30pm           Senior/Intermediate Girls Sabre

1:30pm           Senior/Intermediate Boys Sabre

**Note: Event start times may be subject to change depending on the running of the events on the day. Events may start earlier or later. All fencers are required to be fully ready for checkin no less than 30mins prior to the event start time. Eevnts will not be held up for fencers who arrive late. Events may be combined where there are insufficient entries to run separately although placing will still be awarded in each category.  It is recommended that fencers are at the venue 1 hr prior to their event for warm up. Standard entry closes 6pm 10 June.

The competition will be fenced using full electric equipment.


In order to familiarize fencers with the format of the national school fencer events, the competition will be fenced as two rounds of poules with no direct elimination round. Final placings will be decided by the overall results from poules subject to a barrage for placings if required.

To ENTER the event click HERE

All fencers need to be either School, Junior or Senior members of the Queensland Fencing Association. Interstate and International fencers who are affiliated with their own governing body are welcome to enter, please contact the Tournament Management Committee at [email protected] for further entry details. 

All participants are expected to assist with set up and pack down of the event.


School blazers or tracksuit jackets are required for the podium with fencing whites.


Referee nominations for this event are made through the competition registration process. Referees are required to be at the event no later than 1/2hr prior to the event start. A refereeing schedule will be forwarded after the event schedule is finalized.

Epee & Foil Armoury Course

QFA Armourer, David McFadyen, will be hosting a basic armoury course for epee and foil on Sunday 2 June at Whites Hill State College in the assembly hall.

The QFA Armoury Course will provide an overview of how fencing equipment works, how to maintain your equipment, as well as identifying and repairing common faults.

Participants may bring their own weapons to repair on the day or some will be provided for practise.

Participants may also purchase a basic repair kit with their registration.

To register for the course click here.

Queensland U13 Foil Championships

U13 Foil Champs

The U13 State Foil Championships will be held on Saturday, 15 June at Yeronga SHS. This event will run on the same day as the Queensland School Fencer Championships but is a separate event and not part of the school competition.

Read more: Queensland U13 Foil Championships

Composite Team Member Entry for Brisbane School Teams Competition

School fencers, are you interested in competing in the Brisbane School Teams CompeSchooliestition in Term 2 but don't have a school team? Don't worry you can enter in a composite team. Composite teams are made up of 3-4 fencers from all different schools who don't have teams so that everyone can have a go. If you're interested and want more information contact [email protected] or REGISTER for composite team member entry HERE.

The competition starts on Saturday 4th May and runs for 6 weeks.

Entries for composite teams close Saturday 27 April.

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