QFA Open & Veteran Circuit #3 Inc B-Grade Mixed Epee

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QFA Open Circuit #3 for 2018 will be held on Saturday 15 September at Yeronga SHS, Villa St, Yeronga.

Entry to each open event is $30 and should be made through the online payment system - entries made after 12 September will cost $40.00. Entries on the day of competition cost $50.00. All fencers will need to be Junior or Senior Members of the Queensland Fencing Association in order to register online. Interstate or International competitors are welcome - please contact [email protected] for more information. Non-Members of the association are required to purchase a Day License in order to compete.

All Veteran Fencers (Ages 40+ in 2018) will also receive QFA Veteran Ranking Points from the competition - the Veteran Results will be extracted from the Open Competition rather than being a separate event.

Register for the event here.

CHECK-IN times for each event are:
Men's Epee - 7:30 am
Women's Epee - 7:30 am
Women's Sabre - 11:00 am
Men's Sabre - 12:30 pm
Women's Foil -  1:00 pm
Men's Foil - 1:30 pm 

B-Grade Mixed Epee - 11:30am (This event is open to fencers who have less than two years' competitive fencing experience, excluding fencers who have represented at a National level or who have won State Championships)

*Note: Times may be subject to change due to entry numbers

** Where there are insufficient entries, an event may be postponed or cancelled.

Fencers need to be there at least 20 minutes before the start time to get ready. Competitions are fenced using full electric equipment, including conductive foil masks. Medallists will need a club shirt or tracksuit jacket or fencing whites for presentations.

Participants are expected to assist with setup and pack down of the venue.

Master of Arms Tournament

Pauls weapons

Queensland is celebrating World Fencing Day on Saturday, 8th September with a Master of Arms tournament at Yeronga.
Fencing starts at 10:00am.
Fencers will compete in all three weapons (epee, foil and sabre) in randomly drawn pools. Weapons used in direct elimination bouts are decided by a coin toss.
This is a mixed gender, multi-age tournament with fencers handicapped according to their ability. The emphasis is on fun.
QFA can help with loan gear for those who don’t own all weapons, masks and lames. Make sure you to register and let us know what gear you’ll need to join in.
You might be able to pick up some cheap kit at our swap meet which is running on the day.
Then a party! There’ll be a sausage sizzle and a giant cake to share, plus a balloon-popping championship and other games for non-fencers.
We’ll also be hosting a Sports Nutrition Workshop for all interested fencers and their families from 12:00-1pm.
Cost to enter the Master of Arms tournament is $20 which includes free sausage sizzle and cake.
Pay in cash on the day but email us now to register your interest.

Second-hand gear sale

School teams

Sell your unwanted fencing kit at our World Fencing Day celebrations

Saturday 8th September 2018

9:30am to 12:00pm

Read more: Second-hand gear sale

QFA U15 & U17 State Championships 2018

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The Queensland Fencing Association U15 and U17 State Championships will be held on Saturday, 16th June at Yeronga SHS.

Read more: QFA U15 & U17 State Championships 2018

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