Queensland School Fencing

This page contains information about School Fencing Competitions and Events in Queensland. There are a number of different competitions of various types and formats - some suited for individuals, some for schools with fencing teams or clubs, and some which cater for both. For more information about any School Fencing Competitions, please contact [email protected] For assistance in starting or developing a school fencing program, please contact [email protected] 



The Fencing Club (TFC), supported by Queensland Fencing Association, hosts the Queensland School Individuals Competition which is held on one Sunday each term at a participating school facility. The competition encourages from fencers from Prep through to Grade 12, and focuses on development and learning competition skills. Students enter this competition as individuals, but there is also an overall competition for the most successful school in each division.



The Brisbane School Team Fixtures runs on Saturdays at Yeronga SHS during Term 2 each year. In this competition, students from schools across Brisbane and South East Queensland compete in team competition fixtures. All participants in this competition are required to hold "School Fencer" membership of QFA as a minimum (see Registrations and Payments Page). Fencers are NOT required to be a member of a private club to compete in this competition. For more information please contact [email protected]

In 2017 QFA  introduced fixtures for fencers who attend schools that are not able to enter a full team but wish to compete in the competition. These participants are randomly selected onto teams and entered into the competition. For more information please contact [email protected]


The 2020 competition commences on Saturday, 2 May. 

Venue Opens: 07:00am

Competition Start time: 08:00am

Schools are notified of the poule schedule via email in the week prior to the competition.

Participants are required to be ready to compete no later than 20mins prior to their scheduled poule start time. Teams may be disqualified if they are not fully ready to compete on time.



In these events, teams from different schools compete in a round-robin competition - the State Team Championships is open to all schools in Queensland, and serves as the qualifying event for the National School Team Championships, where schools from all over Australia and New Zealand are invited to compete. More details about the State Team Championships and the National School Team Championships will be available later in the year. A team levy of $50.00 per fencer is charged for participation in each of these events.



Fencers may nominate for selection on a Queensland School Fencing Team to compete in a National Championship in August. There are two divisions (Junior Yrs 7 -9 and Senior up to Grade 12) with a maximum of eight fencers selected from each state in each division. More information and invitations to eligible fencers to nominate, will be distributed towards the end of Term 2. A team levy of $50.00 per fencer is charged for participation in this event.

Note: In 2019 The national event allowed Primary (Yrs 5-6) entries in the Junior category subject to the approval of the state coaching director.

* Qualification events are held in June 2020 for the national school fencing championships. These require seperate entry to the six week school competition. ** National school fencing championship events are being held in Sydney in 2020.

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