QFA Selection Policy

Queensland Selection Policy

  1. Individual events for Australian Fencing Circuit and Australian Fencing Championships (all categories) - open to any QFA member, except in the case of outstanding debt. Entry is by nomination on the appropriate form.
  2. Team events for Australian Fencing Championships (all age categories) - the two fencers with the highest points in the relevant QFA Rankings and one fencer with the highest points in the relevant AFF Rankings will be pre-selected for the Queensland Maroon Team. The remaining place on the Queensland Maroon Team and all four places on the Queensland White Team (where applicable) will be selected in order from the rankings of the relevant individual competition. Nomination for these teams is made on the nomination form for entry to the competition. Where a tie in the rankings exist, selection will be at the discretion of the selection committee or the management committee should no selection committee be appointed. The committee's decision is final.
  3. National School Fencer Championships - any secondary school student in Queensland is eligible to apply by nominating using the appropriate form. Competitors will be selected from the place rankings from the Queensland State School Fencer Championships.
  4. National School Team Championships - Queensland places at this competition will be offered in order based on the results at the Queensland State School Team Championships - the team members from the qualification event must be the same as the team which participates at the National Championships. Where no State Championship is held, a separate qualifying event will be held if necessary to determine the qualifying teams.

Selection for any other events will be determined by the QFA Management Committee. Pre-selected fencers for team competitions will be announced prior to the competition, and any selections based on results at the competition will be made or confirmed by the Team Manager at the event. All coaching decisions for team events will be at the discretion of the appointed coach/manager and are final.

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