It's Super Sabre Saturday - U13, U15, U17 State Championships + U15/U17 State Foil and Epee Championships

The State Championships for Sabre in the U13, U15 and U17 age categories will be held on Saturday 20th July at Yeronga in conjunction with the State Championships for U15/U17 Foil and


Epee.  Standard entries for the event close on 13 July late fees apply after this date.


Event Start Times:

8:00am U15 Boys Epee
8:00am U15 Girls Epee
8:30am U15 Girls Sabre

9:45am U17 Boys & Girls Sabre

10:00am U13 Boys & Girls Sabre
11:00am U15 Boys Foil
11:00am U15 Girls Foil
11:30am U17 Boys Epee
11:30am U17 Girls Epee
1:00pm U15 Boys Sabre
2:00pm U17 Boys Foil
2:00pm U17 Girls Foil

**Checkin opens 1/2hr prior to the event start time.

***Events may be postponed or cancelled subject ot entry numbers.

All fencers are expected to assist with setup and pack down of the event.


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