Sports Psychology Workshop

 QFA will be hosting a Chelsea Profile PicSports Psychology workshop at 12:00pm on Saturday 10 November, 2018 at Yeronga Park Sports Centre. The session will be run by Sport and Exercise Psychologist Chelsea Carpenter and will focus on prepartion and strategies for peak performance at competitions. The presentation is specifically for senior state squad members and fencers competing in the upcoming national Open & Veteran Championships, however all interested members of the community are welcome to attend. 


Chelsea is a registered performance psychologist who has a great passion for supporting and guiding individuals to achieve peak performance whilst maintaining good mental health and wellbeing. Chelsea is a former elite swimmer who understands the challenges of recovering from injury, performing under pressure, dealing with expectations and staying focused when it counts. Chelsea has unique experience working as a psychologist in high performance sport settings with athletes, coaches and teams, as well as experience in the performing arts sector with dance and musical theatre.

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