Open Circuit #1 Competition

Register here for the first round of the QFA Open Circuit for 2018 which will be held on Saturday, 10 March at Yeronga SHS, Villa St, Yeronga.

Entry Fees
Standard entry (up to 7/3/18)     $30.00

Late entry (7-9/3/18)                 $40.00

On-the-Day entry (10/3/18)        $50.00

All fencers will need to be Junior or Senior Members of the Queensland Fencing Association in order to register online. Interstate or International competitors are welcome and should register contact [email protected] for more information. 

All Veteran Fencers (Ages 40+ in 2018) will also receive QFA Veteran Ranking Points from the competition - the Veteran Results will be extracted from the Open Competition rather than being a separate event.

Novice fencers, those with less than two years' fencing experience who have not won a state or national title or represented their country, are eligible to enter B-Grade or Novice events.

To compete in multiple events, please register for each individually.

Venue opens for setup at 07:00am

Event CHECK-IN times are:
Men's Epee - 7:30 am
Women's Epee - 7:30 am
Women's Sabre - 11:30 am
Men's Sabre - 12:00 pm
Women's Foil - 1:00 pm
Men's Foil - 1:30 pm

Novice Foil - 8:00am (Note: This will be a mixed event unless entry numbers warrant separate gender events)

*Event times may be subject to change.

**Competitors will be expected to referee poules.

*** Events may be postponed or cancelled where there are insufficient entries.

Fencers need to be there at least 15 minutes before the start time to get ready. Competitions are fenced using full electric equipment, including conductive foil masks. Medallists will need a tracksuit jacket or fencing whites for presentations.

All fencers are expected to assist with the setup and pack down of the venue.

Referee Nominations

Nominations to referee at this event are to be made through the competition entry link. Final selection of referees will be based on competition need and at the discretion of the Tournament Management Committee.

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