Second-hand gear sale

School teams

Sell your unwanted fencing kit at our World Fencing Day celebrations

Saturday 8th September 2018

9:30am to 12:00pm

To sell items:

  1. All items must be clearly marked* with:
    1. Seller’s name, email and phone number
    2. Price (be reasonable. People are looking for bargains)
    3. Bank ac details for direct transfer if preferred
    4. Statement on working order of equipment (if relevant)

*Consider stapling an envelope to labels with this information. If you prefer to be paid in cash we can use the envelope to store payment.

  1. Small items (wires, clips) should be in bags marked with seller’s details
  1. Items to be sold can be delivered to Yeronga:
    1. Wednesday 5th September 6pm-8pm (squad times), or
    2. Saturday 8th September from 9am
  1. Payment can be made in cash or by EFT where seller’s bank details are known. NO CREDIT CARDS.
  1. Unsold items will be available for collection at squad times throughout September (Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons). Any unsold items not collected by Saturday 29th September will be considered a donation to QFA.

Please email any questions to QFA Administration Team.


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