U20 State Championships

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Register here for the QFA Junior (U20) State Championships to be held on Saturday, 2nd September at Yeronga SHS. This tournament offers men's and women's epee, sabre and foil events to fencers born on or after January 1, 1997. 

The tournament will incorporate an open-age Novice Sabre competition open to fencers with less than two years' fencing experience who have not won a State Championship or represented at a National level.

Entry Fees

Earlybird (If paid before 30 August)                                                  $30.00

Standard (Paid after 30 August)                                                       $40.00

Novice Sabre (If paid before 30 August)                                           $20.00

Novice Sabre (Paid after 30 August)                                                $30.00

All fencers must be Junior or Senior members of the Queensland Fencing Association. Interstate and International fencers who are affiliated with their own governing body are welcome to enter. Entry is through the Interstate/International Fencer Registration link.

Event Roll Call Times

7:30am Men's Epee

7:30am Women's Epee

10.00am Novice Sabre

11:00am Women's Sabre

11:30am Men's Sabre

1:00pm Women's Foil

1.00pm Men's Foil

*Events may be postponed or cancelled where there are insufficient entries.

All fencers are required to be there no less than 30mins prior to the start time. The competition will be fenced using full electric equipment including conductive foil masks. All medallists require a suitable tracksuit jacket or fencing whites for presentations.

All participants are expected to assist with set up and pack down of the event.

Click here to register.


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